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Moving FAQ

Our moving F.A.Q. provides better understanding of our range of moving services. Moving Solutions ensures safe and secure moves for residents and commercial property owners. Read our moving F.A.Q. below for more information about All In One Moving.


What can I expect by choosing Moving Solutions?

When you call Moving Solutions for any type of moving services, we set you up with a personal relocation consultant who will answer all your questions as well as address any concerns. Everything will be explained to you and nothing left in the dark. Your personal relocation consultant will gladly offers options to you while remaining within your budge, then have you pick the option best suitable for your needs.


Does Moving Solutions  offer any type of  price guarantee?

Yes! A clear explanation of costs is provided before your move or even commitment to service. With that being said, our PriceLock guarantee protects your estimated total from incurring additional costs.


What packing services do you provide?

We feature three packing options to suit your needs:


Full Packing Service  - Our trained professionals pack it all

Fragile-Only Packing  - We pack all the breakable items - china, dishes, mirrors - and give you control of the rest.

Standard Self-Pack  - You do the packing. We'll give you tips and practices on how to pack efficiently

Speak with your representative for more details and ask questions before you settle with a certain packing option. We always want to make sure that you end up making the choice that perfectly suits your needs and fits within your budget.


My moving date changed! Now what?

Contact your Moving Solutions representative immediately. We can happily reschedule your moving date based on availability.

When you first learn that your moving date has changed, speak with us for prompt and professional service.


My new home is under construction. How can I prepare for my move?

Moving Solutions provides storage options based on your move-in date. Our moving storage alleviates any leasing, closing and/or traveling costs that you might otherwise incur.

We ensure the utmost safety of your possessions until you are ready to move or retrieve them.


If you still have questions or concerns please call us: 1-877-454-8835


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